Why do some companies consistently attract high-paying clients while others always lose projects to the competition? While the quality of your work is obviously important, so is the way you communicate your value. In other words, your marketing strategy: something that many landscape contractors fail to prioritize.

Before we dive into the 4-steps that will bring in high quality (read high paying) clients I want to set the foundation.

The fact is…  a great brand + marketing = you winning projects.

But without knowing who your ideal client prospects are – you will most certainly fall short on your branding efforts – continuing to lose great projects to your competition.

Your clients need to know who you are, what you do, and most importantly, how you can solve their problems.  But that knowledge doesn’t just happen on its own: it’s up to you to make sure that in a crowded industry, clients call your number first.

The four steps in this guide are designed to help you foster relationships so that the right clients come knocking on your door. From social media to the good old telephone, these tactics and your AEC Consultant Group Action Plan will build the foundation for a marketing strategy that delivers consistent high-quality clients.

STEP 1: Identify A+ clients to fill your schedule

Any client is a good client, right?


The right client showcases your expertise while enabling you to work efficiently and cost-effectively (not to mention pays the bills on time!) Determine your perfect client by creating a specific profile of your business.


  • What is your specialty?
  • What type of work do you prefer?
  • What sets you apart from the competition?
  • What is your ideal project?
  • What type of projects are NOT ideal?
  • Which neighborhoods do you want to work in?


Do you like large-scale estate work or prefer intricate urban gardens? Is your business strategy more about quantity or quality? Do you typically stay in one area or are you happy to drive several hours away?

These types of questions allow you to identify what’s important to you, so you can pursue clients that support your overarching goals and preferences.

Your answers to the questions above will not only reveal your perfect client, they can also help shape and sharpen your message.

STEP 2: Communicate what makes you different - and better - than the competition

“I do design and build.”

“I maintain commercial properties.”

These descriptions aren’t only boring, they’re ineffective; thousands of other organizations can say the exact same thing. In the marketing industry, we say that facts tell and stories sell. It’s your job to craft and communicate your story.

Ask yourself: What is so special about my business that prospective clients would be crazy to work with anyone else?

Make it as specific as possible. For instance:

  • At ABC Landscaping, we help Kansas City homeowners create and maintain beautiful spaces that they will love year-round – and that will be the envy of their neighborhood.
  • ABC Landscaping makes it easy for businesses in the Denver Tech Center to enjoy a hassle-free landscape at an affordable price.
  • ABC Landscaping prides itself on getting the job done right the first time, every time. We have been serving Montana’s mountain communities with creative and reliable design/build services since 1982.


Once you’ve got your message, carve it in stone. This should be what comes out of your mouth every time you meet someone. Your friends should hear it so often they can recite it on command. All of your print and online marketing communications should support this one simple message.

STEP 3: #1 mistake that you are making - driving your clients to your competition

If you’re struggling to bring in clients or losing them to the competition, you’re probably making this critical mistake:

You are not solving your clients’ problems.

It sounds simple, but many businesses become so focused on what they do that they forget about why it matters to the client. When a prospect chooses another company, it’s because that company did a better job of solving (or selling the idea that they can solve) that client’s problems.

How do you fix it?

Get to know your prospective clients.

Discover how to meet their needs. Ask questions to learn what’s important to them and what will make them say “Wow!” Find out what their “must-haves” and “nice-to-haves” are. Learn who their clients are, whether customers of their business or their friends and kids.

Gather all this information – then deliver those answers and ideas in your brand and your proposal.

STEP 4: The fortune is in the follow-up – stop leaving money on the table

Forgetting to follow up with current and prospective clients can literally leave money on the table.

Your prospects are your number one follow-up priority, because you want to keep them interested and engaged.

But don’t forget about past and current clients. Your personalized action plan with the AEC Consultant Group includes several creative approaches to client follow-up that ensure a reliable pipeline and great referrals.

How to Make It Happen: Your Plan of Action

Now that you know the basics of a successful marketing strategy, it’s time to turn them into action. That’s where AEC Consultant Group comes in.

At the AEC Consultant Group, we help landscape contractors and other businesses in the AEC industry (architects, engineers and contractors) execute on the ideas in this guide and much more. When you partner with AECCG, you get a personalized plan of action that makes it easy to amp up your brand and attract those A+ clients.

Ready to get started? Schedule a free strategy session phone call with Kim where we will layout a personalized plan of action specifically for you! 

Learn how you can stop losing projects and start smoking the competition.


Kim Douglas, marketing consultant and founder of the AEC Consultant Group, revolutionizes how businesses market themselves through branding, website design, social media content, and email marketing. Kim brings over 20 years of combined experience in the landscape and marketing industries to her role at the AEC Consultant Group.

Kim’s role as a consultant is to inspire you with what is possible, determine what isn’t working, and create change through action. She is passionate about presenting the unique, problem-solving characteristics of businesses to attract their best possible client prospects.

If you are interested in learning more about our consulting services, please visit our website at www.AECconsultantgroup.com or email info@AECconsultantgroup.com. You can also learn more about our private training program helping businesses master their marketing at www.diyMarketingPro.com.

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